Through the Galaxy

by MiraCeti



Artist: MiraCeti
Title: Through the Galaxy
Label: Hidra Beats
Genre: Ambient
Date: July 31, 2014
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 30:28

Hidra Beats is proud to present its 5th release, by MiraCeti, a young talented atmospheric ambient producer from Poland, who transports us into a voyage Through the Galaxy.

Mira Ceti, also called Omicron Ceti, first variable star (apart from novae) to be discovered, lying in the southern constellation Cetus, and the prototype of a class known as long-period variables, or Mira stars. There is some evidence that ancient Babylonian astronomers noticed its variable character. In a systematic study in 1638, a Dutch astronomer, Phocylides Holwarda, found that the star disappeared and reappeared in a varying cycle of about 330 days. It thus acquired the name Mira (from Latin: "Miraculous"). Its brightness varies from cycle to cycle, but generally it is about magnitude 3 at maximum light and magnitude 9 at minimum. Mira is a binary; the red giant primary has a faint bluish white companion. In 2006 the ultraviolet satellite observatory Galaxy Evolution Explorer discovered that Mira had shed material into a cometary tail 13 light-years in length. Mira is about 350 light-years from Earth.

Have a nice voyage Through the Galaxy!


released July 31, 2014

All tracks written and produced by: Szymon Marcinkowski, Poland.
Mastering by: Martin Spring, We are ONE.
Artwork Cover by: MAMOMAN, Poland.
Distributed by:



all rights reserved


Hidra Beats Montreal, Québec

Hidra Beats is a record label, based in Montreal, QC, Canada, that brings next level vibes to existing EDM, styles on Earth.

Hidra Beats focuses on emerging music styles with a touch of underground flavor added to it, ought to raise the sound experience to another level, higher grounds, in symbiosis with light, creating perfect life energy matter, hemi sync sound for brain conscience elevation.
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